About Us

ecobud® has a vision of how to solve life's two biggest problems - your health and the environment. Achieving this grander vision through water makes sense. What better way to build a better world and improve health than by working with the simplest foundation of life itself.

We have an aim to build a genuine connection between your lifestyle and cleaner living. Our designs and innovations are geared toward simplifying life, not complicating it.

ecobud® specialises in the supply of innovative and environmental product for residential and commercial use. For us, it is always about creating a genuine connection between your daily lifestyle and natural healthy living.

Our Beliefs


Nothing is more integral to a good life. You will find a million ways to attain this positive feeling, but our approach is simple – happiness through better health. We strive to achieve this by providing pure, clean Life Water for consumption, and cleansing activated oxygen water to remove harmful bacteria.


Our achievements as a company have always relied upon togetherness within. Each member of our team plays an important part in improving the lives of every ecobud® user. It’s why we support a positive work environment that nurtures collective spirit, independence, responsibility, boldness, innovation and creativity.


We don’t see people as customers or partners at ecobud® – we see them as friends. We view our connections on a deeper and more personal level, and welcome others on our journey towards gaining a cleaner, healthier world.


At ecobud, growth goes hand-in-hand with innovation, and we are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to deliver clean water in a green manner. Our team is continually working hard to better our already high standards and further improve our award-winning filtration systems.


By removing all the harmful chemicals and contaminants from our water, we aim to improve the quality of life for all that use or consume our product.

Achieving our vision through water makes perfect sense. There is no more direct way to build a better world and improve the general health and wellbeing of others than by working with the purest foundation of life itself. With a reliable quality assurance guarantee on all products and no hidden fees or added extras, you can always trust ecobud®.

We want to make it easier for our customers to live a more enjoyable life and contribute positively to the planet by aiding its purification.

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